The cornerstone for our company’s business conduct is to work with integrity and with respect for the people and environments in which we operate. Touchstone believes that a significant part of its corporate commitment is to contribute to sustainable economic development by working with the local communities to improve their quality of life, in ways that are both good for business and good for development.

The success of Touchstone is directly related to the communities where we do business. Working in partnership with these communities to improve their overall social and economic health is key to our company providing sustainable and better shareholder returns. Our ability to manage social and environment risks and hence develop long term energy projects profitably and sustainably requires a clear framework of corporate social responsibility and the effective implementation of it by our staff and contractors. We believe that Touchstone can make a positive economic and social impact by providing enhanced access to employment, education and health.

We look for opportunities to improve people’s lives and livelihoods through partnerships with different and experienced stakeholders. Leveraging off of these stakeholders existing infrastructure, capacity and skills provides a larger positive effect and allows for sharing of ideas and information. Our goal is to build trust, transparency and co-operation within the communities and government by understanding the social, cultural and environmental issues that are relevant to our operations with stakeholders including the local government, NGOs, community-based organizations and local residents.

Within these partnerships, we strive to bring about an approach to development that is focused on providing local people with the tools they need to take advantage of the benefits afforded through the development of the natural resources in their area. Touchstone intends to identify partner organizations able to bring key technical expertise and/or funding to the initiative.

Touchstone supports the Canadian Government’s “Building the Canadian Advantage: A Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Strategy for the Canadian International Extractive Sector” initiatives.